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Current Brew Bar Offerings

Fresh-roasted premium coffees brewed by-the-cup using the finest brew method available

Colombia El Diviso Direct Trade

Fruit aroma and round texture with juicy flavours of strawberry, peach, and honey. All the way from Huila, Colombia; the coffee cherry is pulped - skin and some mucilage is removed and the coffee is fermented for 14 hours. Direct trade is an alternative to Fair Trade except it is a direct dealing between roaster and farmer.

Kenya Tegu

Dark chocolate fragrance, clean and balanced with flavours of dried apricot, rose hip and orange zest.
• At the foot of Mount Kenya, the Tegu washing station receive cherry from around 900 small holder farmers with an average of 250 coffee trees each.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere

Floral aromatics and bright acidity, elegant and balanced with flavours of sweet lemon, jasmine, bergamot and honey.

Our Brew Bar is in full swing!

Our Brew Bar (pictured below), is now open! Together with Canada's award-winning specialty coffee roaster, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, we present some of the world's finest coffees! Each cup is brewed individually using the best brewing method to enjoy these premier coffees.
How do we do it?

Using a new, hybrid technique that combines the best of drip coffee brewing and the French Press, we are the FIRST and ONLY coffeehouse in Windsor to offer some of the world's very best coffees roasted by an award-winning specialty roaster, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters.

Try a cup, we think you’ll love it!

Other Stuff

Stop by and have a look at some of the works of local artists.

We're a busy bunch of baristas at The Coffee Exchange, serving lattes and tinkering with our website! Here's Mike & Lisa preparing shots of espresso. At The Coffee Exchange we make every shot of espresso by hand, keeping the Art of Espresso in the hands of our Baristas. Super-automatic espresso machines (those that do everything at the push of a button) can never produce as nice a shot as a well-trained Barista with the right beans and gear.

Here's Nicole and her 'Flower Power Latte'.
Her custom latte designs have become pretty popular in these parts!

See ya soon!

available for 5 to 50 people

Sandwiches trays, fruit or veggie trays, Morning Snack trays, easy-to-serve desserts, & drinks available for delivery or pick-up!
Download our Catering menu in PDF format and keep it handy for reference!

Catering Flyer
Catering Flyer
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$13.00/thermos, serves 9. For 35 cup Thermos, $46.00

We can deliver large quantities or just a thermos of specialty & flavoured coffees to your next meeting or luncheon.
We can also provide herbal & specialty teas.

$24.75 each, serves 4-5 people.

Our home style sandwiches are served on fresh baked bread stacked with the highest quality meats, cheeses, & vegetables!

Try our sandwich trays at your next lunch meeting. Each tray comes with 5 hearty-size sandwiches, veggie snacks, & ranch dressing dip:.$24.75, extra sandwiches $4.95 each.

We can make you a mixed tray of sandwiches on fresh baked breads and bagels or choose from the sandwiches below:

  • Smoked Turkey with alfalfa sprouts, Swiss cheese, & mayo
  • Roast Beef & Cheddar with lettuce & dijonnaise sauce
  • Veggie with Swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce & ranch
  • Egg Salad with lettuce
  • Tuna Salad with seasonings & lettuce

All sandwiches are available on

  • multigrain flaxseed bread
  • whole wheat bread
  • 0 transfat wrap
  • sesame bagel
  • cheddar bagel

A dozen of our daily baked muffins, bagels, banana bread and scones on a tray. Great for a morning meeting or snack! $24.00

You can choose from our daily offering or we can make a great mixed tray for you.

Cream cheeses available: Light, Herb & Garlic, & Veggie
$ 1.00 /portion

Bottled Coke or Diet Coke (500mL bottle) $1.90
Bottled Spring Water $1.20
Orangina -bottled sparkling Orange drink $2.00
Orange Juice (bottled) $1.75
Apple Juice (bottled) $1.75

Cookies - Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Macadamia, or Chocolate Chip - 95¢

Easy-to-serve assorted desserts on a tray (8-12 people)- $27.00 (~$2.25/person)

  • Tripleberry Crumble
  • Decadent Chocolate Pecan Pie
  • Belgian Chocolate Brownies
  • Pecan Butter Tarts
  • Date squares
  • Ass't cookies, baked from scratch

Other dessert squares such as Banana Bread & Lemon Lavender Loaf are also available, please inquire.


Please allow at least 4 hours and preferably 1 days' notice. Call 519.971.7424 between 7am & 3pm and ask for Amanda or Simon.

Delivery available from Riverside Dr. to Wyandotte St, Victoria Ave to Goyeau St.

Delivery charge is $4.00 or please arrange a pick up time.

Please note: If this is a first time order, pre-payment is required. Deposits will be required for any equipment until returned.

The Coffee Exchange Inc
266 Ouellette Ave.
Windsor, Ontario N9A 1A5
Phone: 519-971-7424

Current Offerings


Colombia San Alberto Estate

This estate lot is complex with delicate cherry blossom aromatics and fruit characteristics of mango and peach nectar. The caramel and almond finish is smooth and cane sugar sweet.

Organic Peru Cenfrocafe Co-operative

A flavourful coffee with characteristics of dried cranberry, orange zest and strawberry with bright acidity, round texture and syrupy sweet finish.

Sulawesi Toarco Jaya

This Indonesian offering has flavours of papaya, brown sugar and delicate florals. Possesses a sweet acidity, round texture and super clean profile that finishes with caramel notes.

Explore Coffee

How to make great coffee @ home:

1 - Store fresh-roasted whole beans in an airtight (preferably refrigerated) container for up to 2 weeks.
2 - Grind coffee just before brewing. Use a proper grind size: more like the coarseness of poppy seeds rather than baby powder.
3 - Use filtered cold water (not distilled or softened). A good coffeemaker brews at
80-90°C / 190-200°F when the water hits the grounds.

4 - Start with 2 level TBSP coffee for every 6 oz of cold water (70g/L), then vary to taste.
5 - Transfer to pre-heated (with hot water) thermal carafe to preserve freshness for up to two hours. Do not leave hot coffee on a burner.
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Relax with a delicious Italian classic latte and browse the local news or community events bulletin board.